The Art of Sacred Postpartum

4 day live retreat
mother roaster training + certification
lead by Valerie Wiesner


After completeing the Art of Sacred Postpartum live training retreat you will be certified as Mother Roaster. This will allow you to serve and care for postpartum women in your community through cooking, honoring, and several healing modalities you learn.


Retreat Outline for The Art of Sacred Postpartum


She Serves
The Art of Postpartum Care


*Claiming : reverence*
Now We Bow : Understanding REVERENCE + SERVICE
Sealing Stories Ceremony


*Ceremony : SEALING*
Warm Milk + Honey :  Milk + Roses Wash
Tuck me in :  Herbal Sitz Ceremonial Bath + Sealing Ceremony


*healing : basics*
After Birth Basics : Peri-Care + Episiotomy Care


*honoring : transitions*

The Art of Honoring Women After Birth
Mandala Art : Beauty Way Creation of

Personal Flower Mandalas
*Walking the path of Motherhood

Mother Roasting in the beauty way


The Art of Conscious Cooking


*Claiming: Sacred Kitchen Space* 
Kitchen Altar : Your Kitchen Altar + Signs 

Conscious Cooking Tips

What Women Need to Eat Post Birth

Food Handlers License

*Ceremony: May You Never Thirst* 
The Tapestry of Teas: 

Make 3 Unique Teas to help stop Postpartum Bleeding, Support Reproductive Healing
SUPER-FOOD: Breastmilk + Babes + Chia

*Healing: May You Never Hunger* 
Restorative Soups Defined + Food Trees
SOUL FOOD : Make Bone Broth as a group and eat together

Red + Roasted

Cream of Carrot + Ginger Soup

*Honoring: Sexy Spices* 
The Art of Embracing Food Traditions
Sassy Spices: Warm Spice Rub Downs 


The Art of Placenta


*Claiming: Placenta Prana*
Placenta Facts : What is it? How does it function?
P-Prep: Pick Up + Transport + Supplies  + License Talk + Meeting New Clients + Biz Talk
Placenta Prana-Qi : Reviving a Qi deficient Placenta


*Ceremony: RED + Ripe*
Blood Lines :  Blessing of Placenta
Banana Leaf: Mother Earth a blessing
Breaking the Bond:  Cord Burning + Lotus Birth
Chinese Medicine: Herbs + Delivery Placenta Remedies


*Healing: Edible ESSENCE*
Eat it! : The Benefits + Risks of Digesting

Placenta + Cleaning + Draining
Art it! : Placenta Art + Prints + Cord Keepsakes
Placenta Prana-Ma : Raw Preparation +

Dehydration + Encapsulating
*Every participant will get hands on time with the placenta 


*Honoring: Holi YES!*
The Art of Embracing Your Holi YES!
Tinctures + Salves + Balms


The Art of Mother Roasting Defined

*Claiming: Sacred Passion* 
Postpartum Relationships + NAKED TIME talk
Mother Fear Release : Fears into Fire

*Ceremony: Heat Heals* 
Postpartum Depression : Symptoms + PP Tinctures

Hot Stone Abdominal Massage: Make Hot Stone Herb Bundle
Mighty MOXA : MOXA

Sacred Belly Binding : Binding + Belly Paste + Oils

*Healing : V-Steams*
Yoni Steams + Intake form defined + Essential Herbs
V-Steams : Learn to do a V-steam

*Honoring : S I S T E R H O O D*
The Art of Deep Connection
Going to the Bowl: Set Pure Intentions at

The Mother Salt Bowl


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