The Art of Sacred Postpartum

6 weeks online
mother roaster training + certification
taught by Valerie Wiesner
$350. + $100. membership


After completeing the Art of Sacred Postpartum online training you will be certified as a Mother Roaster. This will allow you to offer servies and care for women during their postpartum period.


This class begins on January 15, 2018.


Class Outline for The Art of Sacred Postpartum


The Art of Sacred Postpartum
She Honors

Claiming Birth
sacred vow 

holding birth stories 

project: sealing birth story journals 

postpartum depression : what you need to know 

herbal project : mother's ease tincture


After Birth Basics
herbal project : vital fire tincture 

after birth basics 

herbal project : herbal sitz baths 

the postpartum relationships : new normal for romance 

body image for the postpartum mother 

self massage 

herbal project : rose oil for self massage


Sacred Postpartum Prana
She Serves

The Beauty Way
mother wisdom deck exercise 

project : mandala making 

optional project : mala 

honoring the placenta 

cord burning

Conscious Conjuring
project : make herbal infused oil 

project : make prana balm 

project : make basic butter 

project : make soothing salve 

project : make black salve


Soothing Postpartum Mamas
She Offers

May You Never Thirst
creating a sacred kitchen 

project : make a sacred kitchen sign 

project : make mothers turmeric tea 

project : mamas happy tea 

optioinal project : sweetwater lactation tea 

project : you rock mama tea 

optional project : chai dream


Nourishing Postpartum Mamas
She Feeds

May You Never Hunger
energetics of food + love

project : make homemade bone broth

project : make red + roasted tomato soup

project : make carrot blliss soup

project : make "first days" ayurvedic porridge

project : make kitchari

project : make "no flour" orange ginger cake with dark chocolate drizzle

project : make "sacred seeded" granola

food blessings


Honoring Birth
She Warms

Dipping In with Ceremonial Bathing
project : create a mother roaster witness dance video

project : create sacred bathroom space

project : make flower crowns

project : create a malay floral bath or a milk + honey bath

project : make "bliss giving" almond milk


Heat Heals
project : fear release

project : make hot stone abdominal press

mighty moxa

project : create a vaginal steam herbal mixture


Sealing Birth
She Closes

project : make flaxseed socks

project : practice ceremonial tuck in : closing the bones


Wrapping with Love
project : make heating oils

project : make belly firming paste

project : make sacred belly binding


Sacred Sisterhood
sacred sisterhood

project : going to the bowl


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