Small Scents

3 weeks online
personal training
taught by Lety Murphy


Small Scents is a 3 week online class designed to teach proper essential oil use and care for for children. You will learn to use essential oils properly in your home and for your family. This is a personal training.


Class Outline for Small Scents


this class to learn about essential oils for use on children of all ages including...
older children
children with sensory processing or

autism spectrum disorder 


Course Content

activities and recipes 
magical uses of essential oils 
create and decorate a journal dedicated to your children 
aromatherapy sensory projects for little ones 
scented finger paints
scented play dough 
aromatherapy for holidays 
giving gratitude: anointing ceremony
make protective sachets for your little ones 
make a fall time fairy garden fragrance 
 botany of essential oils 
baby massage techniques 


Many Recipes
baby butt balm
dirty diaper spray
colic relief
first Aid
cough drops
shower soother
calming spray
sleep recipes
sensory recipes 
disinfectant spray
aromatic fizzing fun capsules for littles ones
moon cycle and mood relief recipes for teenage girls
cologne spray for teenage boys
face and clear skin recipes (for relief of acne) 


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