Sacred soul sisterhood

4 day live retreat + certification
lead by Anni Daulter

Women sitting with women, touching the edges of all possibility and dipping into the well of infinite sacred yes…THAT is what sisterhood does. Opening the heart space to understanding, bearing witness to the shifts and curves of life and holding space for the smiles and the tears…THAT is the natural unfolding of sacred retreats…Tapping the innate wisdom of women through curating, spinning, spelling and stirring…THAT is where the magick lives…come and join me for a BRAND NEW SACRED EXPERIENCE.


These are weekend retreats / from Friday night to Monday am…they will be a wonderment of women circling and spiraling into places that pull at the very essence of the soul’s purpose, lean into new areas of YES and explore your soul’s magick. Women used to sit in council with one another, share stories and add their wisdom embers to the fires…Let us bring back these sacred rites. will be CERTIFIED to run this retreat in your community after this experience, under the Sacred Living Movement brand.




At The Retreat You Will:


*sit in sacred circle with women

*create cacao ritual oil

*sacred cacao ritual



*purification ritual with waters from around the world

*learn the power of 13 ceremony

*curate a soul’s box

*magick herbs and what you can do

*samsara death + rebirth ritual

*old ways moon spinning



*amulet curation


*curate earth / air / fire / water sacred oils + spell work

*sayevam art + ceremony

*sacred salt bowl

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