Sacred Baby

8 weeks online
instructor training + certification
taught by Jennifer Khalsa Shimmel


After completing the Sacred Baby online training you will be certified as a Sacred Baby Instructor. This will allow you to run Sacred Baby 8 week classes in your local community for moms + babies in their first year.


This class is open for enrollment.


Class Outline for Sacred Baby


Week One :: Sacred Space + Time
create a sacred circle with other mamas + babies

create a sacred space + the beauty way
rite of passage for baby into this world
make sacred altar candles + rune set

Week Two :: Growing Pains
the 4th trimester
celebrating motherhood
learn baby yoga
sisterhood support + gathering your tribe
mama baby meditation

Week Three :: Connection
I AM meditation
baby wearing essentials

tender touch bonding

MILK connection from Sacred Milk

create a mama + baby teething necklace

Week Four :: Honoring the Path
mother's wisdom deck exploration
explore baby's star chart
sacred vows

honoring your personal journey

prayers for pachamama

Week Five :: Sacred Home
homemade baby food from Anni Daulter

baby-led weaning

family recipes from Sacred Ayurveda

essential oils in the home with Sacred Scent

Week Six :: Release
acknowledge fears around motherhood
fear release meditation + journaling
fire or water fear release
mala gifting

Week Seven :: Blessings
sealing ceremony from Sacred Postpartum

mother + baby blessings from Sacred Essence

sacred bath from Sacred Self Love

Week Eight :: Celebration
despacho ceremony
flower crown honoring
set intentions for your future with baby
journal + letter to baby
going to the bowl

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