Sacred Tea

3 weeks online
personal training
taught by Lety Murphy


Sacred Tea is a 2 day online training that will dive into the deep drink of this world and learn about tea infusions, how teas are celebrated around the world in many cultures, understanding the healing properties, pairings, divinational qualities, and the medicinal properties tea brings with it. This is a personal training.


Class Outline for Sacred Tea



wild unknown deck card readings along with the tea 
tea mandala meditations
tea cup readings
meanings of various herbs

healing-spiritual-magical and healing
history of tea
benefits of tea
learn about awesome teaware and drinking tips


Learn about the difference between tea varieties
black tea
green tea
white tea
oolong tea
herbal tea infusions
tea vs. herbal infusions


tea pairings with food
evening relax
lucid dreamtime
blissful open heart
rid-your allergy
psychic ability
winter time
lovers only
witches brew
cold relief
moontime ease
chakra opening
children’s storytime
meditation green tea bliss
boost immunity (rooibos-vanilla)
sunrise  (white jasmine)
choco-lushcious dessert (vanilla black tea)


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