Sacred Surrogacy

4 week online for surrogates
this class can be joined at any time
created by Anni Daulter for Leia Swanberg



Sacred Surrogacy Pregnancy is a beautiful choice and a soul calling. We want to support you as you walk your path as a Surrogate. Opening you up to understanding just how truly amazing this act is. Sacred Surrogacy was born from the Sacred Living Movement’s vision and seeks to assist all women on their Surrogacy journeys. This is a 4 week online course to dive deep into your journey. You will also receive a beautiful box filled with everything you need for your journey.


Sacred Surrogacy teaches you how to dive deep into the relationship with your Intended Parents and how to walk away from your Surrogacy journey with a full cup. It is self care at it’s best. You will be added to an forum with other women who are apart of this program, sharing this joys and the pitfalls of these amazing journeys. Email Nici to join this class at any time.


Class Outline for Sacred Surrogacy


Week One : Sacred Service


*understanding sacred surrogacy

*walking the beauty way

*creating the path + basic practices:

*Create a sacred space, candle and journal. 

*surrender to the journey visualization and meditation

*crystal water to raise your surrogacy pregnancy vibration


Week Two : Sacred Intentions


*pure intentions as a surrogate

*birthy coloring + journal practice

*your sacred relationship with your beloved

*heart to heart meditation

*sacred communication basics

*create your own mala + meditation + mantra

*baby birth bundle for clarity and intention


Week Three : Sacred Honoring


*honoring you + intended parents + soul service letter

*flower hair wreath + almond milk & honey ceremonial bath

*body image + body prayer + food relationships

*ayurvedic recipes for healthy body

(ghee, heart opening almond milk, rose petal body oil)

*whole-listic sacred surrogacy

*finding balance in nature

*create a crystal essence

*setting emotional boundaries


Week Four : Sacred Birth + Transition


*fear release

*sacred birth + packing list

*love labor method

*surrogate postpartum

*postpartum sitz bath recipe

*soothing salve + compress + bum butter

*postpartum healing with restorative soup + kitcheri + teas

*understanding your sacred milk

*sacred sealing ceremony


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