Sacred Medicine Cupboard

5 weeks online
personal growth + practical skills
taught by Jessica Rose Booth


Sacred Medicine Cupboard is a balanced look at practical skills, potions, balms, auric misters, kitchen magic, and imagination.  At the end of this 5 week class you will have a cupboard stocked with medicine you have made and a set of skills to use with your own hands to enhance the health of your family.


This class is open for enrollment.

Class Outline for Sacred Medicine Cupboard


Part 1 (Week 1 & 2) : Metal & Water

THEORY : what is medicine? what is health?


exploring the words medicine & health and

what it means to your family


Metal + Water

exploring metal and water elements in chinese medicine

autumn & winter + the world of energy medicine

remedies for lungs + kidneys

elderberry & rosehip syrup

golden immunity ointment

congestion relief + broths

master’s tonic (aka: fire cider)

cooling mister for fevers


begin your journey with the plants

meet elder, rosehip, lavender + frankincense

sweet dreams:

exploring different dream guardians, storytelling,

sweet dream spells

lung 1 + kidney 1 acupressure points

lung + kidney meriden stretches

family breath work meditation


Part 2 ( Week 3 & 4) : Wood & Spirit

THEORY: intention, magic + healing


exploring the importance of emotions


Wood + Spirit

exploring wood and spirit elements in chinese medicine


spring & spirit + the world of energy medicine

remedies for wood + spirit


shoo fly mister  + other bug bite tips

3B soothing salve (bites, burns, bruises)

'growth spurt' bath oil (great all round muscle soak)

'easy now' bath soak (for fractious people & itchy skin)

'kiss it away' body balm (for bruising and pain)

family emergency essence

mister for sensitive people (big or small)

mister for creative expression


3 different ways to call our energy back +

release what is not ours

smudging, cleansing + protection rituals


your journey with the plants: 

meet chamomile, st. john’s wort, tea tree,

aloe vera + calendula


do-in- balance for body + spirit family style

green smoothies

fun with fermentation

points: liv 3 for headaches, GV 20

liv/GB meridian stretch

children’s bedtime meditation


Part 3 (Week 5) : Fire & Earth

THEORY: impeccable self care


exploring gratitude + thanksgiving practices


Earth + Fire


 early summer + late summer in chinese medicine

+ the world of energy medicine


remedies for earth + fire

tummy tea

ginger tonic

bitter chocolate hot cocoa

roasted pumpkin noodles

spiced orange soup

ginger spiced energy balls

raw salted ‘caramels’

choc yum yums

concentration oil  (for oil burner)

study time infused water


your journey with the plants: 

meet ginger, sacred cacao, pumpkin,

yarrow, lemon balm, sandalwood


connecting in

family salt bowl

P.A.C.E. study prep

3 ways to ground energy

acupressure points HP 8, St 36

meridian stretches for heart + stomach


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