Sacred Blood Mysteries

3 weeks online
personal growth
taught by Tree Charles


Sacred Blood Mysteries explores the divine feminine awakening of blood and the power of the womb. This is a personal training.

This class is open for enrollment.


Class Outline for Sacred Blood Mysteries


Week 1 : Honoring the Blood

blood mysteries : history, lore & energetics of our cycle

word medicine

reclaiming the language of our cycles

heart-womb meditations & breath work 

returning to the mother

ceremony for returning our blood to mother earth


Week 2 :  Honoring the Flow

based on native american saying  “at menarche a young woman enters her power, through her menstruating years she practices her power and at menopause she becomes her power”- we work through 3 ceremonies to share with women in our community.


Pink : Menarche

entering the power 

blessing way offered by Rachael Moon author of

Menarche a Journey into Womanhood


Red : Menstruation

practicing the power

Divine Womb Connection Ceremony


White : Menopause

drawing down the moon

Becoming Your Power offered by Sacred Menopause


Week 3 : Honoring the Moon

living in rhythm

creating from the cauldron

self care & practical tools for supporting flow


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