Sacred Belly Bind +

Sealing Ceremony

2 days online
professional training + certification
taught by Anni Daulter


Sacred Belly Bind + Sealing Ceremony is a 2 day online class that teaches you the art of sacred belly binding and the healing of sealing ceremonies for postpartum women. This will certify you as a sacred belly wrap artist.


This class is open for enrollment.


Here is what you will learn:


Learn all about Sacred Belly Binding in this course! Closing the birth process is critical for so many reasons, energetically to finish the process, physically to heal the body and spiritually to properly step over the threshold from maiden to mother. The Sacred Sealing Ceremony will also be taught in this class... What it is, why and how you should do it!


Belly Binding is a sacred way to help the woman's post birth body heal, offer her abdominal support and assist in bring her back into her warm balance post birth and they feel + look great too! BONUS!


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