Sacred Ayurveda

6 weeks online
personal training
taught by Atourina Charles


After completeing the Sacred Ayurveda online training you will have the tools to incorporate ayurvedic living into your everyday life. This is not a certification and is only meant for personal use.


This class is open for enrollment.


Class Outline for Sacred Ayurveda


Week 1: Discover Your Elemental Nature


Defining Ayurveda

The FiveElements + Vata + Pitta+ Kapha


Current Body & Mind State + Journaling on Balance

Art Therapy + Creation of Self Love Mandala


Week 2: Sacred Time and Space


Exploring the Seasons + Times of Life + Times of Day

Creating Balancing Daily Rituals & Dinacharya 

Exploring + Doing Snehana Loving Hot Oil Therapies

Learning Mantra + Mudra

Using the Neti Pot 

Release & Flow Journaling + Self Love


Week 3: Nourish the Body, Mind and Spirit


Six Tastes +What is High Vibration Food 

Creating Sacred Space for Best Digestion  

Create an Ayurvedic Menu

Make Full Moon Ghee + Detox Tea 

How to Build Ojas ~Immunity ~ Glow 

 Make Kitchari + Healing Soup for Detox  

Make Organic Spice Mixes


Week 4: Slow Beauty: Your Sacred Glow


Explore Vibrational Channels +

Chakras with Marma Therapy  

Balance Electromagnetic Frequencies From

Computers + Cell Phones 

Create Organic Body Care to Open Pranic Channels

Make Herb Infused and Aromatherapy Massage Oil 

Create Divine Aromatherapy Essences 

Perform a Marma Facelift on Yourself and Loved Ones


Week 5: Gentle Detoxification

for Blissful Living


Why Do We Need to Detox +

3 Essential Components of Any Detox 

Taking Ayurvedic Herbs for Detox 

+Importance of Agni/Digestive Fire + Channels of Elimination 

Bliss-filled- Easy Detox with No Cravings 

Learn Oleation/Ghee  

Cleansing the Mind 

Sukha/Good Sacred Space


Week 6: Spiritual Abundance


Cultivate Your Divine Connection

Enhance Your Intuition & The Light From Your Heart Center

Create Your Sacred Spiritual Life to Assist In A SUCCESSFUL Material World 

Inner Happiness 

Bliss Consciousness + Art Therapy

Ceremony to the Divine


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