Sacred Fertility

4 day live retreat
fertility doula training + certification
lead by Jessica Booth + Jessica Smithson


After completeing the Sacred Fertility live retreat training you will be certified as a Sacred Fertility Doula. This will allow you to work with couples on their fertility journey and give you a deeper grounding and understanding of the journey of fertility.


Retreat Outline for Sacred Fertility


Day 1: The Physical & The Emotional Body


Your Legacy

Cycles & Charts, Body Meditations, Self Care Massage, Psoas, Common Physical 

Fertility Challenges

Communication, Naming Feelings, Hope & Loss, Mother Wound, Sacred Space, Listening Skills

Sacred Ceremony


Day 2: The Spiritual Body & The Nature Body


Soul Messages, Soul Contracts, Conscious Conception, Animal Guides, Plants & Crystals, Lunar Conception

Sealing & Honoring

Sacred Ceremony


Day 3: Cleansing & Nourishment


Plant Bundles, Cleansing Powder, Ways to clean the body on all levels, Fear Release, 


Nutrition 101, Folate vs Folic Acid, Recipes & Cooking Together

Sacred Ceremony


Day 4: Sleep, Dreams & Ceremony


Effects of Stress, Relaxation Skills, Adrenal Fatigue, Epsom Salt Bath Soak, Dream 

Boxes, Surrender, Fertility Myths, Receiving

Vision Initiation Ceremony: Calling In Your Legacy

Salt Bowl


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