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Katie O'Day encountered menopause at a young age. She was 37 years old when, as a midwife, a colleague confirmed that she was indeed embarking on "the change" prematurely. The medical establishment called it "premature ovarian failure." She found very little within her naturally minded community to support her transition. She had embraced menarche and had two natural births... one at home. She had miscarried naturally. She had become a midwife and herbalist, serving a varied and demanding population in Los Angeles, CA. So why was menopause such a secret? Where were the sisters to help her through this next doorway? She traveled the path alone, refusing to settle for the isolation of age. She spent the next five years studying everything she could find about the menopause journey, both in the medical literature and across history and culture. Finally, she conjured a path for her sisters to follow... a path, not to old age, but to awakening. The crone years are indeed golden and full of wisdom and self knowledge. She invites you walk the path with purpose.

Katie resides in "creepy" rural New England with the love of her life. She still practices midwifery and passes out herbs to those who ail. Her two children are bigger than she is now. She has found that on this side of life, comfort in the small things is enough for today.


Katie teaches online classes for Sacred Menopause Journey.


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