Sacred Baby + Toddler


Jennifer spent over 10 years on her spiritual and yogic journey searching for a way to serve the community and world around. She began her journey of service receiving her Master's of Music degree and began sharing her love of music with those around her.


Years went by and she continued to work on ways to share the healing benefits of music with other, but found she needed to continue to find healing within herself. She, therefore, began delving into numerous styles of yoga and meditation to bring relief to her beautiful, but often, stressful world.


It was a blessed encounter one day, where she was introduced to first Kundalini Yoga and then later Reiki therapy; through these teachings, she has found a sense of balance and peace. Jennifer finds great joy in working with others, sharing her passions, these technologies and supporting others on their journey.


Jennifer is a certified Kundalini Yoga instructor, a Level 3 Radiant Child Instructor as well as a certified Reiki Master Healer.


She also has over 6 years working with children and loves sharing the joys of yoga with children of all ages!


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