Awakening the Heart

4 weeks online
personal training
taught by Tree Charles
This in an ongoing course, sign up today!


Awakening the Heart you will delve into the depths of your heart and find your soul light, awakening your divinity and the highest essence of YOU. This is a personal training.


Class Outline for Awakening the Heart


Lesson 1: Inner Healing: Reawakening the Heart Chakra

Learn an energy treatment to open and heal the heart: Make a heart anointing oil


Lesson 2: Inner Healing: Connecting with the Heart

Releasing the stories and filling with light

Learn the ancient Sanskrit Heart Lotus Mantra


Lesson 3: Outer Healing: Creating Rhythm

Rituals for your daily heart light expansion

Make a rose petal elixir


Lesson 4: Outer Healing: Sharing Your Heart Light

Random acts of Kindness and create Aphrodisiac herb-infused desserts


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