Anni Daulter

Sacred Living Movement Founder + Creator


Anni Daulter is the author of several books, including Sacred Pregnancy and Sacred Pregnancy Journey Deck, and the co-author of Sacred Motherhood, Sacred Medicine Cupboard and Sacred Relationship, and is the founder of the Sacred Living Movement. SLM encompasses many programs including I AM Sisterhood, Sacred Wild Witch, Sacred Fertility, Sacred Medicine Cupboard, Sacred Mystery, Sacred Pregnancy, The Art of Sacred Postpartum, Sacred Doula, Sacred Milk, Sacred Relationship, Sacred Midwife, Sacred Baby, Sacred Yoga, Sacred Medicine Woman, Sacred Fertility, Sacred Family, Sacred Brotherhood and the Pregnant Mama Honoring Retreats.


Anni is very proud of the movement she has championed and is known for her ability to merge the BEAUTY WAY lifestyle with body, mind, spirit and life changing retreats and trainings. Anni is dedicated to helping women rise up and claim their dream seeds and their power in this lifetime. Anni wants to grow sisterhood in all the ways, and eventually touch every woman near and far!


Anni is mother to 4 children, Zoe, Lotus Sunshine, Bodhi Ocean, + River Love and she is happily married to her soul mate, Tim Daulter.


Anni teaches online classes for Sacred Pregnancy, Sacred Relationship, I AM Sisterhood, Sacred Year with Anni Daulter, Sacred Crystals, Sacred Belly Bind, Sacred VSteams + Teas, and Sacred Money Manifestation.


Anni runs live retreats for Sacred Relationship, Sacred Wild Witch and I AM Sisterhood.


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